Peter Macaluso is a LA/NYC based filmmaker. He founded Macarony Productions in 2005 and directed three no-budget feature length films by the age of 23. He produced a 104 episode comedy webseries, Nepotism, from 2013-2015. It had multiple episodes featured by Funny or Die. His zombie short, Died This Way, and Nepotism episode, Street Credit, have both reached Immortal Status on the site. His short, Lonely People, was selected as a Top 200 Finalist for HBO's Project Greenlight. His channels recently passed the 4,500,000 views landmark. He's passionate about Batman, Olympic wrestling, and pitbull puppies.


He's worked with companies like Above Average, AskMen, BMW, Buzzfeed, CollegeHumor, Cracked, Loot Crate, Funny or Die, PIT, and UCB!


He can write, direct, produce, edit, shoot, production design, juggle poorly, speak in the third-person, and make a mean lasagna.


He also makes a lot of dumb pop culture parodies which you can watch below, or on his Youtube channel.


Or if you want something a little more dramatic, check out In-Between People or our Films page.



Peter Macaluso





Comedy Reel:


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And here are some shorts Peter directed for other funny writers!


And here are some shorts Peter did production design for!



Here's Cracked's original series "Internet Content"


Here's Cracked's original series "Galactic War Room" that Peter did props for.